Conan pulls a Cam Newton after late-night joke bombs

Cam Newton wasn’t so chatty after losing the Super Bowl on Sunday night, walking away from the podium before his postgame press conference had concluded.

That was after a series of mostly one-word answers by the Panthers quarterback, who clearly did not want to be talking to the media after his worst performance of the season on the biggest stage.

The 24-10 loss in Super Bowl 50 was certainly not a good look for Newton, but walking off wasn’t a great idea, either. But if you thought that was bad, wait until you hear this joke by Conan O’Brien about Newton’s antics.

"Cam Newton. More like Fig Newton," O’Brien said on his Monday night show on TBS.

Well, needless to say that joke didn’t go over well. The late-night star then held his own post-joke press conference, and channeled his inner Newton.

"Tried to do a joke and it didn’t work," O’Brien quipped.  

Check out the full clip below.