Colts vs Jets: 5 questions with Horseshoe Heroes of FanSided

In a sit down with Horseshoe Heroes of the FanSided network, The Jet Press discusses tonight’s Colts vs Jets Week 13 matchup with Site Expert, Evan Reller.

For tonight’s Colts vs Jets game, anything can really happen on Monday Night Football. This is a tale of two struggling teams that had high expectations coming into the season but haven’t lived up to them at all.

A win here would undoubtedly help either team in a lost season. Either way, I wanted to get some insight for tonight’s game from fellow Site Expert, Evan Reller of Horseshoe Heroes on what to expect from the Colts.

I’d like to thank Evan for his answers as without further ado, here are the five questions I asked him heading into tonight’s game:

1). What has been the biggest issue of the Colts this season?

There have been two main issues for this team in 2016. First, the coaching hasn’t put the team in a position to win. Coach Chuck Pagano’s trust in his defense has cost the team at least three games this year. They also don’t play to the team strengths on offense, which would be passing.

Second, the roster isn’t very talented. The offensive line is still a mess. There is zero pass rush. The inside linebackers struggle in coverage (among other things). And the secondary is inconsistent. Couple all of that with injuries to almost every position and that’s why the Colts are struggling in 2016.

2). Even though he has been banged up, what should the Jets expect out of Andrew Luck?

This has been a great season from Luck. Some would like to say he’s turnover prone and just mediocre, but that is a very poor narrative that isn’t backed up by the facts. Without Luck, the Colts maybe have one win this year. He’s at his best when throwing deep, which could be a bit of a problem for the Jets and their, um, iffy secondary. But that is assuming the offensive line holds up.

3). What kind of offensive gameplan do you feel the Colts will launch against the Jets?

In theory, they should pass deep early and often. In practice, they’ll probably try to establish the run, end up behind early, and be forced into passing late making this a much closer and more difficult game than it needed to be for the Colts. That has been the gameplan every week for 2016.

Pagano spoke about how you have to run the ball this time of year this week, which overlooks the strength of the Jets defense. I simply don’t have faith in this staff to identify an opponent’s weakness and exploit it.

4). Who will be MVP of this game and why?

For the Colts, it will be Luck. It’s always Luck. He plays great, they win (and sometimes they lose even when he is great). He doesn’t, they lose. There is a chance someone like T.Y. Hilton could have a monster game, but he’s been a bit banged up lately. I can’t see a defensive player bringing a game-changing performance tonight, and the Jets front seven should bottle up Frank Gore. So it will have to be Luck.

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5). Do you think this game could be a potential blowout by the Colts considering how bad the Jets have been this season?

I think it could be, but the Colts haven’t even sniffed a blowout win this season. They have to make every game incredibly difficult due to bad game planning and even worse philosophies. I still think the Colts will win (far more desperate team and have the better QB), but it will be a struggle.

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