Cliff Avril pledges a new home in Haiti for every sack

Seahawks DE Cliff Avril made a pledge on twitter to fund the building of a new home in Haiti for every sack he makes this season.

Anyone who pays attention to the Seattle football knows the generous nature of the players on the team. Many have charities they run or help run, others are constantly giving their time and money to great causes. Cliff Avril’s dedication to Haiti is no exception, and it’s inspiring.

Avril was born in Jacksonville, Florida. His parents, Marie and Samuel, are from Haiti and relocated to Florida in the 1980’s. Sadly he lost his father in May of 2015 to a heart attack.

Last spring, headlines were made when Marshawn Lynch joined Avril in Haiti to help build a school. They returned this fall to help open the first two classrooms in that school. After Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew last week, Avril tweeted that he would be donating the funds to build a new and safe home in Haiti for every sack he had this season.

He’s working with a charity called New Story. New Story, who’s chairman for Haiti is none other than NFL All –Pro Elvis Dumervil, is dedicated to moving families into permanent homes as to improve that family’s lives, and change the communities they live in. Each house they build costs $6,000. They are built by locals for locals, using local materials. You can see their work at

Charities in Haiti aren’t the only ones benefiting from Cliff Avril’s ever-generous heart. The Cliff Avril Family Foundation, which Avril started in 2014, raises awareness about type 2 diabetes in children has hosted the Dining To Make A Difference event held in Seattle. The event raised money by hosting a dinner where Seahawks players play waiter to guests. This September, his event raised $350,000.

Without question, Cliff Avril is a fan favorite in Seattle. He is also beloved in Detroit, where he played for the Lions before coming to the Seahawks. Everywhere he goes, people seem to understand he’s more than just an amazing football player. He is a generous, kind, and caring human being.

Thank you for all you do, Cliff.

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