Cleveland Browns: The absurd Myles Garrett hate needs to stop

Cleveland Browns fans who don’t want to draft Myles Garrett based on a harmless video need to rethink what makes a football team great.

Talent should be what Cleveland Browns fans want the franchise to acquire in the 2017 NFL Draft. Yet somehow, there is a group of fans against taking the most talented player available based on a harmless video.

The video is one featuring Myles Garrett, in which he playfully pleads for the Dallas Cowboys to trade up and select him in the Draft.

On the surface, this makes sense. Garrett was born in Texas, went to college in Texas, and wants to play professionally in Texas. Yet this lighthearted plea has no effect on the Browns’ ability to draft Garrett.

But don’t tell that to some Browns fans, as a small group of fans lost their minds that Garrett would utter such words. He is not on the Browns, and may not even be selected by the team, but this didn’t stop some from declaring the Browns should not draft him. This is just dumb.

Garrett is a 21-year-old kid who was kidding around, and explained just that in a recent article on

He never once said he doesn’t want to play for the Browns, and has done nothing to warrant anyone’s hate in Cleveland. So why do some Browns fans take this so personally?

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It seems that the fear of spending a No. 1 overall pick on a player who doesn’t wholeheartedly want to be here has fans worried. But a player wanting to play in Cleveland doesn’t automatically mean he will be great for the team.

It would be interesting to take a poll of NFL first-round draft picks to see where they ideally want to play. The Browns would not likely end up high on the list.

And that should come as no surprise. After seeing how bad the Browns have been for years, it would be hard to expect a college kid to want to play here. But that is why the NFL Draft exists. It gives teams like the Browns a chance to take talented players who can make the team better, thus changing the team’s reputation.

That is why the Browns need to take Garrett No. 1 overall. He is the best player available, and while he would ideally like to play in his home state of Texas, he can come to the Browns and help make the team a winner. He would also not complain about making No. 1 overall money.

So Browns fans who are angry at Garrett need to calm down and actually look into the young player’s comments. Don’t get caught up in clickbait headlines and don’t read his quotes out of context. Once that is done, it is clear to see that Garrett is still a great option for the Browns at No. 1 overall.

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