Cleveland Browns: Super Bowl 52 odds irrelevant for the rebuilding Browns

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of things to worry about in 2017, and low Super Bowl odds are not one of them as the team continues to rebuild.

It has become a yearly tradition for football fans around the league to mock those teams with low Super Bowl odds for the following season, with the Cleveland Browns often factoring into this discussion.

Next year’s Super Bowl odds were released, and the Browns opened up as whopping 150/1 underdogs to win it all. Betting $10 wouldn’t be a horrible idea based on the potential return, but that money may go toward a better cause. Such as some late-season Browns tickets.

These odds are irrelevant for the Browns as the team is not focusing on winning a Super Bowl next season. While every team’s ultimate goal should be to win a Super Bowl, the Browns must focus on building the team for the next several years for the goal to even become possible.

The Browns likely don’t care about these low odds, but fans are still waiting for the day when the Browns are a title contender once again. Years of false promises from several front offices have all but ruined the optimism of some, while others hold on and continue to believe in this new group in charge.

The Browns bottomed out on purpose in 2016, so 2017 should have an improved on-field result. If the team is 1-15 once again, things may get blown up again. And that would be a disaster.

For now, NFL fans around the nation can continue to look at the Browns as a punchline. But Browns fans who believe in the current process know things should be turning around soon. Call it what you want, but the perpetual optimism in Cleveland is what makes it great to be a Browns fan.

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