Cleveland Browns: Odds to win Super Bowl 51 remain comical

The Cleveland Browns have a comically low chance to win Super Bowl 51, according to the latest Super Bowl odds.

Who says the Cleveland Browns can’t win the Super Bowl this season? Well, pretty much everyone. published an article sharing Super Bowl 51 odds from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, and as a surprise to no one, the Browns are at the bottom of the list.

The Browns opened 2016 with 200-1 odds to win the Super Bowl, and have not moved at all since that point. The rebuilding team will open the season with the same odds, with only the San Francisco 49ers joining them below the 100-1 mark, as Chip Kelly’s squad has fallen to the realm of 200-1 odds.

Those betting on the Browns to win Super Bowl 51 would be better off spending their money on literally anything else, as this team has a long way to go before even being considered playoff contenders.

The good news is that the team seems to be on the rise under the guidance of Hue Jackson and a front office who is committed to making this team better through making educated draft picks, and not just throwing money at a few veterans in the hope they will solve all the systematic problems present in the organization. Short rant over.

There are those brave souls who will dismiss all logical and rationality, throwing money at the Browns to win the Super Bowl. Hey, maybe there will be an apocalyptic event that spares Cleveland and Las Vegas, allowing the Browns to win the Super Bowl by default and bettors to cross the wasteland to cash in the winning ticket and be rich in the new world.

But for now, Browns fans and bettors alike must accept the fact that this team is going to go through a rough patch before being successful again.

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