Manziel-signed $100 bill fetching $1,000 offers

Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel signs a $100 bill before Sunday's game against San Francisco.

Getting Johnny Manziel to sign a $100 bill may be the best investment decision Cleveland Browns fan Caleb Leach has ever made.

Leach told’s Pat McManamon that he has received offers of up to $1,000 for the bill, but he thinks he’s going to wait things out and let the market decide the bill’s value. Leach was in attendance at Sunday’s 24-10 win over San Francisco when he and childhood friend Kyle Horner spotted Manziel signing autographs before the game. 

Leach didn’t think Manziel, who has ditched his trademark money sign this season, would actually sign the bill, but Horner gave it a shot anyway. Manziel obliged, TV cameras spotted it, and the clip went viral

For now, the bill is hidden away for safe keeping, and Leach is hoping Manziel leads the Browns to bigger and better things for the sake of the franchise, and to drive up the value of his autographed $100 bill. 

“He had his game face on. He saw it and just smirked, then went right back to his game face. If it was $5, he's probably not talking to ya.”

— Kyle Horner

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