Cleveland Browns great Jim Brown defends Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel’s off-field exploits have been reported on, re-reported on, then talked about some more. Cleveland Browns legend Jim Brown on Tuesday came out in support of Manziel, who is trying to cement his place as the Browns starter going into next season.

"Well he’s a young man…the things that have been reported on him are things that he can clean up and will clean up," Brown said on ‘The Herd’ on Tuesday.

When Brown saw Manziel recently, he passed along this message: "Hey Johnny, I’m for you man…and I’m for him because I think has a talent."

But are his off-field antics and penchant for partying a distraction?


"I don’t know a player that don’t like to party," Brown added.

Brown did say that "the publicity is something he needs to get used to," especially playing the quarterback position in the NFL, but he really believes that a dual-threat like Manziel can be special. And the Browns (3-12), who haven’t been to the playoffs since 2002, can really use some special.

"The talent is there," Brown said. "The coaching can really bring it out."