The Cleveland Browns have a new coach — and the same questions

Good news, Browns fans: Miracles can happen. Offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski proved that in Minnesota, and now — hopefully — he’ll be bringing some of that magic to Cleveland as the team’s new head coach.

The Browns moved on from previous head coach Freddie Kitchens after finishing 6-10 this season. Kitchens, who was in his first year as an NFL head coach, was Cleveland’s 10th coach in a little over a decade.

As a former offensive coordinator with the Vikings, Stefanski first focus will clearly be Clevland’s issues on offense — starting with Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield was by no means breaking records his rookie season, but he did enough, with 3,725 yards, 27 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. There was a solid foundation, and with the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry to the offense, it seemed things would only go up from there. Right?

Wrong. Instead, Mayfield became a point of comparison in year two — and not in a good way.

With so much invested on that side of the ball the Browns will only be as good as their offense is, and their offense will only go as far as Mayfield can take it.

From Baker to OBJ to Landry, Stefanski will have his hands full. He’ll need to be the alpha dog starting day one and — without any head coaching experience — assert discipline.

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Yet there is the little issue of the Vikings’ season-ending loss to the 49ers, in which Stefanski’s offense scored just 10 points on 147 yards. Suffice it to say that San Francisco defensive back Richard Sherman had thoughts on the hire:

Particularly since 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh was also in the running for the job:

While it’s unfair to judge Stefanski on just one game, he’ll have a lot to prove in Cleveland, and quickly.

Stefanski has the vote of the front office — after almost being hired for the position last year — which is a start. But while Cleveland fans are loyal to the core, their love and trust must be won.

Turning Baker into the quarterback most think he can be would be a fine start.