Cleveland weatherman refuses to shave until Browns win, made a terrible mistake

Andrew Lynch/WPPROD

You've almost certainly heard of a playoff beard, a staple of offensive linemen and hockey players the world over. Consider this the polar opposite — a tanking beard, perhaps.

Browns fan and FOX8 Cleveland meteorologist Scott Sabol made a commitment in the early part of the 2016 NFL season: He wouldn't shave his beard until the Browns won a game.

They're currently 0-12.

By Week 8, when Cleveland nearly knocked off the New York Jets, Sabol looked to be regretting his decision:

Now, though, with no relief in sight, Sabol looks like a veritable mountain man:

The more pedantic among us might point out that Sabol clearly trimmed his beard from time to time, but that's literally splitting hairs. The man has a job to do and a (semi-)professional appearance to maintain, after all. If anything, his bosses deserve kudos for going along with the shtick.

Seriously, look at that bearded face one more time:

Fortunately for Sabol, he's committed to this bit only until the season mercifully ends (assuming the Browns don't get a win before that, anyway). We asked our photo department to come up with an interpretation of what Sabol might look like if he were to grow his beard until Cleveland won its next game, regardless of the season, and this is what it came up with:

Truly, though, this is making a sacrifice for your team — especially when you're as handsome as Sabol:

Beards aren't the only way Browns fans are “celebrating” their team's perfectly imperfect record; some Cleveland-area supporters are planning a parade should the Browns join the 2008 Detroit Lions as the only teams to finish 0-16.

For now, the big question is whether Sabol will be able to find relief before the final seconds tick off the clock of the Browns' Week 17 game in Pittsburgh on Jan. 1. Sabol's beard-based nightmare will continue for at least one more week since Cleveland is on a bye. The Browns then face the Bengals in Week 14, before traveling to Buffalo in Week 15, hosting the Chargers the following Saturday on Christmas Eve, and taking on the Steelers in that aforementioned season-ending game.

Good luck, sir. You're going to need it.

(Thanks to Sports Illustrated for sharing.)

That beard has seen things your soul couldn't handle. Dark, Browns-related things.