Cincinnati Bengals: Penalties and Officials Are Hurting This Team

The Cincinnati Benglas had two teams they were playing against on Monday Night, the New York Giants, and the officials in stripes.

The NFL officials were as bad as the Bengals Defense in their first eight games. Some of the Penalties where the Bengals fault, like Giovani Bernard and Andrew Whitworth both tackling their blocking assignments. However, their were a few calls that were a joke and the Bengals had  two opponents on Monday Night Football.

There was a few penalties that the officials not only stretched on but needed to make an appointment for the eye doctor. First was the Josh Shaw, hands to the face penalty for five yards. The other was a phantom block in the back penalty when Darqueze Dennard pushed a special teams player on the arm and he fell down.

Then there was a question of a catch by Tyler Boyd, which was ruled incomplete and negated a touchdown. It brings back into question in the NFL about what is a catch and what isn’t. Boyd had two feet down and body heading toward the end zone, becoming a runner. They decided he was still a receiver and there for had to maintain possession to the ground.

The Cincinnati Bengals struggled to find themselves late in the second half as it looked like the team just kind of gave up even with the lead. Dalton threw an interception, and the defense was just horrible in the fourth quarter. The Bengals defense was doing its best to give you hot or cold, but nothing in between.

The Bengals have still not shown any sign of wanting to win a close game against a winning team. They just don’t need any help from any other outside source, especially from the officials, because they have already lost to them too many times before.

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