Cincinnati Bengals: Fantasy Undrafted Free Agent Pickups

Fantasy football is full of good players left on the board and injuries happening in week one. Here is a few players to put on your watch list.

Fantasy football is one of the most anticipated times for football fans across the country. However, all it takes is one major injury to bring a promising season to a halt, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three Bengals that should be on every watch list this season.

WR: Tyler Boyd

We all know that Tyler Boyd is slotted to be the number two wide receiver. However an injury to A.J. Green or another super star on your roster, could leave a flex option wide open for Boyd to make a difference.

Boyd is expected to take a major role in the passing offense as the number two wide receiver. He will replace the recently departed Marvin Jones and with better hands, could put up some solid numbers.

QB: Andy Dalton

If you are in a 8 or 10 team league, Andy Dalton may have not been picked up. This bodes well for the typical week one tragedy of your top quarterback going down with an injury. It is bound to happen to one of us.

Dalton is coming off his best season in the NFL and until his thumb injury in week 14 sidelined him for the rest of the Bengals season. This preseason, he looked like he had something to prove and if he can translate his success from last season into this season. He could be one of the most sought after free agents in your league.

K: Mike Nugent 

He is coming off one of his worst preseasons in his career. Many people have him written off as washed up at this point. It makes him the perfect underdog for any team who loses a kicker to injury or performance.

Nugent is coming off a slightly better season in 2015, after struggling to find his stride in ’14. However, at 82%, he has room for improvement. He saw competition for the first time in preseason this year, and immediately improved in week four against the Colts during the preseason. If the Bengals can keep that pressure on, he could have his best season in years.

There are definitely a few sleepers on this Bengals team for your fantasy team. Can you get to them before other teams do?

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