Cincinnati Bengals: Does This Loss Spell The End of 2016 Season?

The Cincinnati Bengals fell to the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, but that may not be the only thing they lost.

Let’s face it, the Cincinnati Bengals have yet to beat a team with a winning record and they are a game and a half behind the Baltimore Ravens. They are also a half game behind the Steelers, who lost to the Cowboys in new fashion as well.

However, the Bengals season is nearing disarray as they fell to a lowly 3-5-1 with seven games remaining. With teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and four division games remaining, will they be able to recover and salvage the season?

The rest of the Bengals schedule:

Week 11: Bills @ Bengals
Week 12: Bengals @ Ravens
Week 13: Eagles @ Bengals
Week 14: Bengals @ Browns
Week 15: Steelers @ Bengals
Week 16: Bengals @ Texans
Week 17: Ravens @ Bengals

The Breakdown:

As it stands right now, the Bengals will face four more match ups with a winning record (Ravens x2, Eagles, Texans). If their trend continues of beat teams at or below .500 records and losing to teams with winning records, the Bengals will finish 6-9-1.

The Bengals have won six of their last seven match ups against the Ravens. They have also split the last two seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and swept the Browns last season. The Bengals could end up 5-1 in the division still and lose the division. If they sweep the rest of the divisional games, that means they will be 7-8-1 with no other wins.

They will need to win against the Bills, Eagles, and/or Texans to keep themselves alive in the division race. Although it is not a 100% must win situation just yet, it is starting to get desperate for this Bengals team. The Bengals can’t afford anymore losses, especially against teams they can beat.

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