Cincinnati Bengals: Can Eifert Save This Offense?

Tyler Eifert is only a short time away from returning, but can he help this Bengals offense become dominate once again?

Tyler Eifert was injured in last year’s pro bowl, proving once again that the irrelevant “honorary” game is just a joke. However, Eifert is incredibly close to returning and it may be just in time to help boost this offense back to last season’s successful form.

Lets face it. Tyler Eifert and Andy Dalton is an incredible duo and one that is built on full trust. Eifert accounted for 13 touchdowns. The Bengals were seven and one when Eifert scored at least one touchdown last season. He adds a different look and element to this team.

Don’t get me wrong, C.J. Uzomah has been a solid member in Eifert’s absence, but you can’t replace what he means to this offense. Eifert is one of the biggest weapons that the Bengals still have, and with the departure of Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu, one of the remaining two from Dalton’s known receiving core.

There is one thing that is not in control of Andy Dalton and Tyler Eifert. It is the adjustment that the Bengals need to make in order to correct the offensive production past mid-field. That is the responsibility of Marvin Lewis and Ken Zampese.

We have talked about the importance of Ryan Hewitt in the running game last season. However, he has not been used in any productive ways so far this season. Could it be a factor of Hue Jackson being in Cleveland now?

Eifert will help this Bengals offense in ways many ways, including opening up the passing game. However, if the coaches do not make the proper adjustments, Eifert’s impact may be limited. Zampese and Lewis need to make adjustments and overcome the NFL adjusting to them. If they refuse to change, this season could be in danger before their key pieces return.

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