Chris Harris Jr. and Von Miller believe big years are ahead of them

Chris Harris Jr. and Von Miller are feeling healthy this offseason and are in line for monster years. 

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Chris Harris Jr. and Von Miller both went to the Pro Bowl following the 2014 season. It wasn’t an easy rode for either player as they were both coming off a torn ACL in the 2013 season. 

Harris remember his 2014 offseason very clearly. He spent all of his time rehabbing trying to get healthy for the season.

"Man, that’s easy, I was here, in the building, rehabbing my knee, every day, all day, week after week, month after month," Harris said, via "That’s it. Most every day, I didn’t go anywhere really, do anything. I figured I could go somewhere later, I wanted to be ready for the season."

Miller said the two really helped each other in the offseason get back to Pro Bowl form. He even said it feels a little strange to not be in the training room together this offseason.

"Me and Chris, we pushed each other, we both knew how much the other one wanted to get back," Miller said. "It’s funny, when this year’s offseason started I almost felt like I should be in the trainers’ room, in the weight room, with him."

Harris and Miller will have the whole offseason this year to prepare as they will not be rehabbing their injuries. With the extra time, Miller believes the two could be in for a monster season.

"I think what we did last year was pretty amazing," Miller said. "We went from ACL surgery to starting games, doing good things, in just a few months. This year, with a whole offseason, there’s more there."

Although Harris had a great year for the Broncos, there is a different feeling this season. He feels rejuvenated and not completely exhausted after every game and practice.

"But I’ve said after games (in 2014), I was just dead after the games," Harris said. "After practices in OTAs and everything, I felt fresh, I felt strong, I didn’t always feel like after games last year."

This offseason has enabled Harris and Miller to work on a variety of things in their games, rather than just strengthening their knees. 

"I didn’t take days off really, I just worked," Miller said. "But this time, instead of working my knee, I could work on everything, work in California, Miami, work on the nutrition. I think if I did some good things last year, this year should be better. I keep saying I’m going to be in a better place this year, and hopefully that place is pulling down quarterbacks." 

"No doubt," Harris said. "Last year I think both of us just concentrated so hard on getting the knee right, getting back — we did other things, did our work, but your focus is the knee, the knee, the knee. This time we worked on our games and I think it will show."

(h/t ESPN)