Chiefs vs. Broncos: 6 keys to winning

On this episode of the Roughing the Kicker Chiefs podcast, Joshua Brisco identifies six things the Chiefs absolutely must do in order to pull off the upset against the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football.

The offense has struggled mightily since the loss of Jeremy Maclin, but Maclin wasn’t producing before his injury. What do Andy Reid and Alex Smith have to do in Maclin’s continued absence to get the offense back on track?

Dee Ford is going to be absent from the Chiefs’ active roster in Denver and Tamba Hali has been a ghost. What does this mean for Justin Houston on Sunday?

How does the Chiefs offense stack up against the Broncos offense, led by Trevor Siemian?

What is the most important piece to fixing the Chiefs’ repulsive offense?

What percentage chance to the Chiefs have to pull off the upset?

Answers to all of those questions and many more on this episode of Roughing the Kicker.

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