Chiefs picking 27th in 2017 NFL Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs know their draft slot after losing on Sunday night to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now it’s time to find another crop of stars.

There is nothing fun right now about talking in terms of free agency and draft. It sucks. However, this is where we are, and it’s important to start looking forward. This year, Kansas City will draft 27th, a pick ahead the Dallas Cowboys and a pick behind of the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s far too early to start really diving into who could be available at that point. However, I’ll say this. If there is a quarterback that is supposed to go anywhere near that spot, Kansas City should trade up and nab the guy immediately. Don’t even wait.

The Chiefs don’t need to fortify a ton of positions. Kansas City is returning almost every key player, assuming something gets done with Eric Berry. The only other notable free agent is Dontari Poe, who could well leave for more money on the open market.

Kansas City could be looking at another corner or an inside linebacker, perhaps even a guard. Yet none of those things really addresses the true issue. Alex Smith was bad this season, and his contract basically forces the Chiefs to either cut or extend him after the upcoming season. It’s time to draft a quarterback if at all possible.

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