Chiefs have laughable Super Bowl odds

The Kansas City Chiefs went 12-4 and won the best division in football last year. Yet, somehow, they have the third-best odds of AFC West teams.

Now that we are in the offseason, it’s time to look at Super Bowl LII odds. Why? Because the offseason is damn long, and we have to be upset about something. Over at BOVADA, the odds are out, and the Kansas City Chiefs are getting legitimately disrespected.

Despite going 12-4 and winning the AFC West, they somehow are sitting at 25/1 to win the Super Bowl, tied with the Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers and New York Giants. They are actually behind the Minnesota Vikings.

However, here’s the stomach-turning part. The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos are both 16/1, getting significantly better odds to raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy. How on earth is Denver getting that kind of love? As much as Alex Smith is maligned around here (led by yours truly), he’s a vastly-superior quarterback to anybody on the Broncos.

I can understand Oakland to a degree. This is about getting action on the line, and the Raiders are going to be a very trendy pick. The Raiders also went 12-4, have a huge fan base and could move to Las Vegas. In addition, they have a much better quarterback than Kansas City does.

All that said, it’s comical that the Chiefs have the 10th-best odds in the NFL. Even with Smith and the impending free agency of Dontari Poe (Eric Berry isn’t going anywhere), Kansas City is a top-six team in the league.

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