Chiefs coach scores points with rapper Lil Wayne

Todd Haley scored major points with his Kansas City Chiefs

players after he was spotted at a Lil Wayne concert at the Sprint

Center on Monday night.

The 41-year-old head coach promised to attend the rapper’s show

after the Chiefs used one of his songs as part of a video for their

pregame warm-up last season. Haley recalls saying, ”If he comes to

town, and I get an opportunity to give him a copy of it and thank

him, I’ll do it.”

Haley called it ”a great show,” and Lil Wayne tweeted at him

and Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers afterward: ”Props to Tech 9

and the KC Chiefs Coach Haley and (hash)24 B. Flowers for the


Several players said they appreciated Haley’s taste in music,

though they weren’t told that Haley admitted to listening to

Barbara Streisand and Bobby Vinton, too.