Chicago Bears: Empty Seats Should Send Message to Ownership

Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

As the horrific 2016 Chicago Bears season winds down, fans are sending a message to ownership by simply not showing up.

A high temperature of 46 degrees through partly cloudy skies for November 27th is what I’d consider a perfect Sunday for football.  Over eleven thousand Chicago Bears fans disagreed, as they decided not to use the tickets they’d already paid for and stayed away from Soldier Field.  As the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs points out, it’s rare to see so many “no shows” at a Bears game:

In 16 seasons, I don’t think I can recall a regular-season game with that many. Certainly not on a day with solid football weather.

You’re probably thinking, “Why do the McCaskeys care?  They already got their money; the tickets were paid for.”  That’s true, but the McCaskeys are also a very proud family and don’t want to be embarrassed.  They want to carry on the proud tradition of the Chicago Bears that was handed down as the charter franchise of the NFL.

The Bears are Chicago’s biggest loser, as all of the other teams have won championships since the Bears Super Bowl XX victory all the way back in 1985.  Early season distraction with the Cubs World Series run has turned into late-season apathy.  In the old days, fans would be jumping up and down screaming mad about a 2-9 season.  Now, it seems like they just don’t care enough to bother showing up.  The best way to show ownership their disappointment is with empty seats.

This is about the only thing Bears fans can do short of canceling their season tickets.  The wait list for season tickets is still years long and they’re passed down from generation to generation.   Fans have already paid for their PSL’s and don’t want to ditch their seats, but you’d have to believe that if the losing continues – and only one playoff appearance in the last decade – that might be the next step.

As the weather continues to fade, you can expect to see more empty seats despite the comical fact that the Bears still haven’t been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

My wife’s family has tickets which I’ve been lucky enough to partake in many, many times, but I haven’t been picking up the phone looking for tickets.  They’ve been having a hard time giving them away.  If you’ve got tickets to one of the Bears three remaining home games, will you be attending?  Hit it up in the Comments.

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