Chargers’ stadium vote fails, Spanos reaches out to fans

The Chargers’ hopes in getting a new stadium in San Diego took a hit after voters rejected their new plan.

Measure C, the initiative that would have allowed city officials to raise hotel taxes from 12.5 percent to 16.5 percent and use that revenue to pay for a new stadium located in the downtown area, failed to receive a two-thirds majority on Tuesday. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, only 43 percent voted for the initiative.

Owner Dean Spanos reached out to the fans by posting a letter on the team’s website on Wednesday morning:

Despite the fact that Measure C failed to receive a two-thirds majority, I wanted to reach out right away with a very sincere thank you for your loyal support as a fan and for considering our initiative.

There is much we can be proud of tonight: the 110,000 residents who qualified the measure in just six short weeks; the vocal and passionate support from our fan groups and corporate partners; the strong endorsements and hard work of numerous civic, business, and labor leaders; and the heartfelt efforts of our alumni and players.

In terms of what comes next for the Chargers, it’s just too early to give you an answer. We are going to diligently explore and weigh our options, and do what is needed to maintain our options, but no decision will be announced until after the football season concludes and no decision will be made in haste.

The outpouring of support from friends like you, and so many others, has been heartwarming throughout the campaign and I will continue to be mindful of that in the weeks ahead.

Thank you, again, for believing in the Chargers.  Everyone on the team and in my family appreciates your loyal support and continued patience, and we look forward to an exciting rest of the season.


Dean A. Spanos
Owner – Chairman of the Board

So what now? The Chargers have until January 2017 to decide. Will they end up negotiating a deal to partner up with the Rams in Los Angeles? Or will they figure out a new plan to stay in San Diego?

Unfortunately, it marks the second straight season where not only the fans have to deal with the uncertainty, but the players have a dark cloud hanging over them as well. Hopefully, this won’t affect their on-field performance.

That said, how do you think the Chargers should go forward? Do you still believe they will remain in San Diego for the long haul? Let’s hope so.

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