Chargers rumors: Can they really compete in Los Angeles?

The latest Chargers rumors look at whether or not the Chargers will succeed back in Los Angeles.

Forget the pressure on making a decision, the team has set their sights on a new city. San Diego will no longer be home to the Chargers after more than five decades.

That in mind, the question becomes when, even if, success will join them.

The AFC West was one of the best, if not the best, division in football this year.

Oakland was a serious threat before Derek Carr’s injury. Denver was off to a good start but couldn’t finish. And of course, the Chiefs found a new way to fumble in the playoffs.

Not to say that the Chargers have had more success in the post-season, but they could shake things up soon.

What that depends on is the production of Melvin Gordon.

It’s a given that Philip Rivers will be able to be productive on offense, but a strong running game is a must. They’ll have the chance to be superior to the Rams in at least that aspect.

Assuming that Todd Gurley’s hype is behind us, Melvin Gordon could spring himself into being the face of Los Angeles.

Gurley’s second season fell far from expectations, and that could trickle into next year. With Gordon, however, there’s more room for optimism.

It’s like that the Raiders will be the most complete team in their division by the time the next regular season rolls around. Kansas City could be a threat, but unless they gain a mental edge in the playoffs that’s been lacking, good luck.

Anthony Lynn has a lot on his plate, but after filling tough shoes in Buffalo, he’s the man for the job.

They just need to make sure they don’t forget to work as a team.

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