Chargers escalate the Joey Bosa feud on Twitter, pull contract offer

The contract dispute between Joey Bosa and the San Diego Chargers doesn’t appear to have an amicable end in sight.

After it was recently reported that the two sides had resumed talks, the team released a statement on Wednesday detailing its latest offer, while making it clear that it no longer expects Bosa to be able to contribute in all 16 regular season games — which will be reflected in the next offer that Bosa receives.

The statement does not mention either of the two things that Bosa and his representatives have taken issue with. San Diego reportedly wants to push about half of the payment of Bosa’s $17 million signing bonus out until March, and they want offset language to be included in his deal. This would give them financial relief in the event Bosa was released during the contract and ended up playing somewhere else.

Bosa’s representatives issued their own response to the current stalemate.

The Chargers selected Bosa with the third overall pick in this year’s draft.