Chan Gailey completely drops the ball against Dolphins

The New York Jets continue to overcomplicate even the easiest of football strategies. Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey completely dropped the ball on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

It’s not hard to figure out how the New York Jets were able to win three games so far this season. In all three games they left victorious, the common factor was they actually ran the football. It’s not really hard to grasp the overall concept of why it’s important to establish the run. Leave it to the Jets to even mess that up when they had plenty of opportunities to beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey decided to once again, put too much trust into his starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Gailey decided to have Fitzpatrick throw for close to 30 attempts and the end result wasn’t pretty by any stretch of the imagination.

Against the Dolphins in Week 9, Fitzpatrick totaled 193 passing yards, 28 attempts, one touchdown, and two interceptions. Fitzpatrick now leads the NFL with most interceptions at 13 for the season.

The Jets have two more than capable running backs to get the job done consistently. Both Matt Forte and Bilal Powell have been heating up over the past few games. For whatever reason, Gailey thought it would make sense to throw more than actually stick to running the football against one of the worst run-stopping defenses in the league.

Fitzpatrick has been struggling and considered across the football world to be the worst at his position. One would think Gailey would take advantage of the opportunity to really pound the rock against the Dolphins defense but once again, he dropped the ball in the grand scheme of things. In red zone situations, it’s just completely foolish to continue to pass more than run the football in for a score.

Overall, the run game was working at first for the Jets but Gailey decided to test the Dolphins defensive secondary to not much success. The Jets lost a heartbreaker in a game they should have easily won on the road. Of course, the terrible play of Fitzpatrick didn’t help much offensively but Gailey’s playcalling leaves many scratching their heads as the Jets rightfully earned their sixth loss of the season.

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