Ochocinco to cut trash talk

Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco accepted the blame for the Cincinnati Bengals’ misfiring offense Wednesday and vowed to refrain from any trash talking until the offense got its act together, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

The Bengals are 2-1, but quarterback Carson Palmer is completing a career-low 56.6 percent of his passes and the team has thrown for only three touchdowns.

Ochocinco and his star receiving partner Terrell Owens have only one touchdown between them.

“I usually start the trash talking but the offense has been really stagnant so I have to back off of that a little bit until we pick up to where we’re supposed to be," Ochocinco told reporters.

“It’s me. No, I’m serious, everything is me,” he added, when asked what he thought was holding the offense back.

“A lot of media from outside is pointing the finger. When things don’t go right with us offensively, it’s on me. It’s my fault when everything goes wrong. I like the pressure.”

The Bengals on Sunday meet the winless Cleveland Browns, against whom Ochocinco has scored more touchdowns — 11 — than any other opponent in his career.

“What excites me the most is that it’s a divisional game. It’s an important game," he said. "They always play us tough regardless of our record, regardless of their record.”