Ochocinco hits 150 mph with Burton

Chad Ochocinco has turned to NASCAR in his ongoing search for thrills away from the football field.

Ochocinco was strapped in for the ride as Jeff Burton drove his No. 31 car around Atlanta Motor Speedway on Thursday. Burton estimated he reached speeds of 150 to 160 miles per hour with Ochocinco.

A smiling Ochocino says he has interest in the sport as an owner – for a No. 85 car, of course – but not a driver because ”I’d lose every damn day.”

Ochocinco, the six-time Pro Bowl receiver, took the ride about six weeks after visiting the Professional Bull Riders circuit near Atlanta to ride a 1,500-pound bull for 1.5 seconds.

He also has had a soccer tryout with Sporting Kansas City of the MLS and says he next plans to wrestle an alligator.