Cary Williams praises ‘great environment’ at Seahawks OTAs

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Cary Williams praises the way the Seahawks operate at OTAs.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Cary Williams is joining the Legion of Boom this season and he is impressed with what he has seen so far in his first OTAs with his new team. Williams told the Seahawks official website how much fun it is to be at Seahawks camp.

"It’s a great environment," Williams said. "It’s an environment that’s fun. You’re going to play around fast, fly around the ball. You’re encouraged to compete at the top of the routes, be as aggressive as possible, and just go out there and have fun.”

Williams says the Seahawks secondary pays attention to the minor details more than most teams. 

"They talk about being more patient," Williams said of Seattle’s approach. "There’s a lot of intricate things that are different than other places. They’re more focused on the details, like I said, and it’s an emphasis on those things and making sure you’re focused on those small details on every snap."

Williams is most impressed with the leader of the Seahawks secondary, Richard Sherman. He says all the stuff you read about him or see on TV is all true seeing it in person for the first time.

"You could see all those things that you see on television actually coming to fruition, and why? It’s because of his practice habits. He’s a great practice guy, he’s a great leader."

(h/t Seattle Seahawks)