Furious Seahawks fan writes a letter ripping ‘classless’ Cam Newton

Another person is furious with Cam Newton over something ridiculous. This time, it’s a hurt Seattle Seahawks fan.

After the Carolina Panthers knocked the Seahawks out of the playoffs this past Sunday, Newton did what he usually does after victories — take a victory lap and slap hands with a bunch of fans. Sometimes on this victory lap he comes across fans of the other team, and sometimes he’ll mess with them in a playful way.

So when Newton ran by a Seattle fan dangling a "12th man" flag in front of him, he snatched it from the fan and threw it on the ground in an emphatic fashion. Again, all in good fun.

Well, apparently that really angered some Seahawks fans.

Take Sarah, a Seattle fan who wrote an open letter to Newton on Facebook after seeing this, which was shared with KIRO 7 News. In her letter, Sarah ripped into "Mr. Classless Cam Newton" and explained that "Seahawks fans aren’t just fans. The 12th man is a community, a family … So you see Cam, disrespecting the 12th man flag isn’t just disrespecting our team, it’s disrespecting the fans that back our team."

It’s certainly understandable that some Seattle fan would be upset after the loss, and it’s no surprise that Newton rubs some the wrong way, but you would think Newton denigrated the American flag and spit on the people of Seattle by the tone of this letter. It is possible to express pride and love for your own community — which I think is Sarah’s main intent here — without making a villain out of someone else.

She ends the note by saying "good luck and may God teach you what real winning looks like." Here’s the letter in full:

Hawk Fan's Issues Heartfelt Letter to Cam Newton: This letter to Cam from Sarah was posted on our Facebook Page. Sarah…

Posted by KIRO 7 News on Monday, January 18, 2016