Cortland Finnegan thinks he can explain outbursts by Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. had his emotions on his sleeve in the Week 15 matchup against Josh Norman, but it wasn't pretty to watch.

While fans of the NFL not only got to see a great comeback attempt from the New York Giants, followed up by a game-winning drive by Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, they got so much more.

The battle between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. was heated pretty much from the word go, and even Cortland Finnegan got into the mix. With Beckham getting emotional and seeming to almost go out of his way to hit Norman at times, it led to the question of what happened to the star receiver on Sunday.

Via Black & Blue Review’s Twitter:

Well, there you have it. Finnegan believes Beckham is either having some female issues, or it’s just the way he’s wired.