Corey Brown on Ndamukong Suh: ‘I don’t have to deal with him, so I’m good’

With the Carolina Panthers set for joint practices on Wednesday and Thursday of this week with the Miami Dolphins, much of the talk has been around Ndamukong Suh. 

That’s not a huge surprise, since the incredible defensive tackle recently signed a six-year, $114 million deal this offseason. While Suh has been called the dirtiest player in the league, racking up $300k in fines, as Tim Durr of Black and Blue Review explains, he’s still an incredible talent.

Well, Durr got some great quotes from coaches and players on the Panthers, probably none better than the one from wide receiver Corey "Philly" Brown though.

“I don’t have to deal with him, so I’m good.” Brown told Durr.

That probably sums up the thought of most wide receivers. Aside from Brown though, Ron Rivera and a few others had great things to say about Suh’s impressive play.

“We did a lot of nice things as an offense [against Suh and the Lions last year]. We ran the ball well, threw the ball well, and we were able to block him. It doesn’t happen all the time. He’s a dynamic football player. Hopefully, he’ll bring it and really challenge our young guys.” Rivera stated.

Defensive tackle Kawann Short also had plenty of praise for Suh when speaking with Black and Blue Review.

“His get-off [at the snap] is crazy, and he’s pretty strong, so those two right there is pretty hard to stop. Seeing him go against one of the best guys on our team in [Ryan] Kalil [last year] and watching him get pushed back, and they’re going toe-to-toe. The best can be stopped. It’s about talent and hard work.”

Let’s just hope for no brawls in the joint practices between the two teams. It’s safe to say we’ve seen more than enough of those to this point in the offseason.

(h/t Black and Blue Review)