Cardinals monitoring distance players run in OTAs to prevent fatigue

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is making sure his players are not overdoing it in the offseason.

Matt Kartozian/Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals work out in the brutal sun of the Arizona desert so head coach Bruce Arians and strength coach Buddy Morris have taken precautions in how much the wide receivers and defensive backs are runnings in practice. 

“You didn’t really feel that way at the moment (during OTAs),” cornerback Jerraud Powers told the Cardinals official website. “It was kind of like when it was all over, you’re like, ‘God, we did a lot.’ It’s tough. Not everyone around the league does what we do, in terms of two practices and everybody getting reps. Last year, when Buddy got here, he started monitoring steps. I think after the statistics came in after we were done, it kind of opened some eyes.”

Since the Cardinals are monitoring every step the players take, Arians now knows when a player has reached its limit and can adjust their workload if he feels it is necessary.

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is a fan of the new system and praises Arians for actually using it.

“Coach Arians has been coaching for 40 years,” wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. “This technology is about five years old and is really only in the grass roots stage. This sports science, all of this technology at our disposal wasn’t available for him most of his career.

“I think it says a lot about him that he would embrace this. It shows he wants his players fresh and ready for the long haul.”

Players really appreciate the extra rest since the sport is so grueling. Extra rest in May could be the difference in the playoffs in January.

“I think it’s a good thing because the season is long and it’s starting to become a year-round sport,” Powers said. “You get a good month off and you have to start training again. It’s just trying to make sure they do everything on their end to protect us.”

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