Cardinals considering no-huddle offense

Bruce Arians might pick up the temp this year for the Arizona Cardinals. 

Matt Kartozian/Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are considering all of their options on offense going forward now that they have a healthy quarterback in Carson Palmer who knows the system so well.

Head coach Bruce Arians told the Cardinals official team page that with so many skilled position guys returning, they may go no-huddle during games to throw off the defense.

“We can play real fast right now,” Arians said. “I like the tempo of it. It’s gone really well the whole time we’ve been out here, but this is the first time we’ve actually practiced it against the defense.”

Arians likes the idea of speeding up the game at times and confusing the opposing defenses. It is nice option for Arians to have in his back pocket.

“You can change the pace of the game,” Arians said. “Obviously, you get (the defense) in a substitution pattern and they’re stuck with whatever’s on the field. There’s advantages to it and there’s disadvantages to it.”

Wide receiver John Brown is excited about the possibility of a no-huddle offense. Brown thinks the defense will get tired and it could be a real advantage for the Cardinals.

“We did it at least one time a week in practice (last season) but not as much in game-time situations,” Brown said. “Hopefully we can come out at the beginning of a game and go (no-huddle) and wear a defense out.”

(h/t Arizona Cardinals)