Can Jaguars Throw a Wrench in Detroit’s Playoff Hunt?

The Jacksonville Jaguars look to get back on track in week 11 and derail the Detroit Lions playoff hopes.

The Detroit Lions are currently leading the NFC north.  The Lions still have 3 division games left and a tough game against Dallas. Looking to keep pace with the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers the Lions need a win this weekend.

Enter our struggling Jaguars.

This weekend is a big opportunity for the Jaguars. The chance to break what has been a tough 4 game losing streak, The chance for Blake Bortles to play well after some tough games, The chance for Gus Bradley to show he can keep the team focused and lead them to a win,  And finally the chance to cause some mayhem for the Lions playoff chances.

So how can the Jaguars win this weekend?

Get off to a fast start.

One of the Jaguars only wins this season came on the road. In that game against Chicago the Jags overcame a 13-0 halftime deficit to eventually win the game. That can’t happen in Detroit.  While scoring on their first possession won’t make or break the game it will break a nice streak of being unable to score on opening possessions.

Complete the Downfield pass.

New offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has created opportunities for the offense. Unfortunately those chances were left on the field. Against the Huston Texans Blake Bortles was 1 of 5 on passes that traveled downfield twenty yards or more. If the Jags want to beat Detroit lions Bortles will need to hit on more of these opportunities to keep the Lions defense on their heels.

Reduce the Turnovers.

This one feels obvious but if the Jags want any chance at winning against the Lions it starts with limiting the turnovers. In the last 2 weeks the Jags have 7 turnovers. That’s awful and can’t happen again. Reducing the turnovers this week will be a good sign the Jags are playing tough and fighting for a win.

Executing against the lions will be a tough task but the Jags have shown this season the ability to compete with teams. The tougher task this weekend might be not beating themselves. If the Jags want to salvage their season it starts Sunday by throwing a wrench in the Lions playoff hunt.

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