Cam Newton’s dabbing could be exactly what the NFL needs

Cam Newton’s penchant for celebrating has been polarizing this season. Is he just having some fun on the field or rubbing it in on the opposition?

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King stopped by "The Herd" on Tuesday and believes that Newton’s exuberance could be just what the NFL desperately needs.

"The NFL is under attack almost everywhere," King said. "People are talking about kids shouldn’t play, too much head trauma, too much injury risk, people are choosing other sports to play for their kids.


"Along comes a guy who plays with the unbridled joy of a 12-year-old playing in a snow game in the backyard," King said. "He’s having a great time. His teammates love him. I understand that some people say, ‘Hey, act like you’ve been there before.’

"Personally, I think he’s fantastic for the game and his joy playing is fantastic for the game."