Cam Newton adheres to Ron Rivera’s dress code two weeks after ‘tiegate’

Two weeks after Cam Newton was forced to sit out a series because he didn’t show up in a tie, the Carolina Panthers quarterback was donning neckwear as he prepared to take on the Redskins on Monday night.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera sat Newton for the first series against the Seahawks on Dec. 4 because the reigning MVP didn’t wear a necktie on the team’s flight to Seattle. That series lasted just one play because backup Derek Anderson threw an interception on the first offensive play of the game during Carolina’s 40-7 loss to Seattle.

“Absolutely, I knew it would be the big (deal) it’s become,” Rivera said at the time. “But I’ve addressed it, (Newton’s) addressed it and I’m done with it.”

This rule apparently is only enforced on the road because Newton was not wearing a tie last week when the Panthers beat the Chargers in Charlotte.