Bills QB Tyrod Taylor once swallowed a quarter, and ‘it came out’

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor has proven to be a dynamic playmaker after just one regular-season start. He has the ability to throw the deep ball, make plays with his legs, and swallow inanimate objects — and pass them.

Taylor appeared on ESPN for a question-and-answer session where he discussed three things people may not know about him. One of those things was the fact that he once swallowed a quarter and passed it.

Here’s the exchange between Taylor and Lindsay Czarniak.

Taylor: I swallowed a quarter before when I was little. That’s about it. 

Czarniak: Wait, how’d you swallow a quarter? 

Taylor: Uh, just being a kid, playing around, throwing it up in the air and swallowed it. Caught it my mouth. I was actually laying down in my bed and tried to lean up and, yeah, that happened. 

Czarniak: How old were you? 

Taylor: I think I was 7. 

Czarniak: So what happened? 

Taylor: It came out.

Taylor’s right. That’s definitely something no one knows — aside from his mother, of course. Thanks for sharing, Tyrod.

(h/t ESPN)

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