Rex Ryan sounds noncommittal on Tyrod Taylor’s future with the Bills


At 6-6, the Buffalo Bills are currently on the outside looking in in regard to the playoff bubble. Should they miss the postseason, it will extend their drought to 17 years in a row without a seat at the coveted table. While that would certainly be a disappointment, making the playoffs isn’t their only problem.

Determining who will be their quarterback in 2017 is the biggest predicament facing the Bills.

Sure, they have Tyrod Taylor, who’s had a decent two years in Buffalo. But Rex Ryan doesn’t sound wholeheartedly committed to the former Ravens quarterback as his franchise guy. Just one day after saying the Bills will “let this play out,” Ryan was equally non-committal about Taylor’s status.

So, what do we make of that? Ryan’s comments aren’t exactly decisive, saying Taylor is both outstanding now and can be outstanding in the future. However, his reluctance to endorse Taylor as the team’s starter going forward is a bit concerning.

Ryan said he won’t evaluate Taylor’s play until after the season is over, putting even more pressure on the quarterback to perform in the final four weeks. Furthermore, Taylor has a $15.5 million option on the table for 2017, which the Bills will have to make a decision on.

Is he worth that money after two good but not great seasons? That’s the big question facing the Bills, and Ryan doesn’t seem to have an answer right now.

As for Taylor, he's sick of talking about it. During his press conference on Wednesday, he told reporters he was done discussing his contract situation. He also threw down his jersey and said “I'm done talking” before walking out.