Buffalo Bills: Rex Ryan’s Pickup Truck Gets College Makeover

Rex Ryan, who was fired as the Buffalo Bills’ head coach after Week 16, gave his pickup truck a small makeover recently.

It was after a disappointing loss against the Miami Dolphins, which officially took the Buffalo Bills out of playoff contention, that Terry Pegula made the decision to move on from head coach Rex Ryan.

Shortly after, Anthony Lynn was named the team’s interim head coach and that started a whirlwind of changes made by upper management. Safe to say, almost all of the Buffalo Bills‘ coaches on the offensive side have been swapped out and fans are left with a completely new coaching staff.

If you’re a Buffalo Bills‘ fan, then you should remember Rex Ryan’s pickup truck that sported quite the Bills’ design on it. You have to admit, it was a pretty cool design and a pickup truck that most fans would love to ride around in.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a picture of the notorious truck:

When the buzz around Rex Ryan being fired started, many fans were left wondering what would happen to the truck. Would he find a new design for the truck or would he go back to the all-white design? Safe to say, it was a sad day when that pickup truck left One Bills Drive for the final time:

For those fans wondering what his pickup truck looks like now-a-days, you can now rest easy at night since someone finally caught a picture of the truck. One lucky fan snapped a picture after Rex Ryan supposedly parked next to him in a parking lot.

With the Buffalo Bills‘ wrap now gone, Rex Ryan has replaced it with a less-exciting Clemson touch. It’s important to note that Ryan’s son — Seth Ryan — currently plays for Clemson’s football team as a wide receiver. He has been seen mostly on the special teams squad.

With Clemson recently winning the national championship, Rex Ryan must be happy to sport a winning franchise on his pickup truck — something he couldn’t make happen in Buffalo. Perhaps it would be a different story for Clemson if Rex Ryan had been their coach.

Seth Ryan has a chance to hold a bigger role on the team next season and who knows, with Buffalo’s history of drafting players out of Clemson we could see Seth Ryan take snaps for the Buffalo Bills someday.

If that does happen, let’s hope he doesn’t follow in his father’s footsteps with the pickup truck because it would most likely be seen as bad luck.

The Buffalo Bills recently announced the hiring of Rick Dennison for the team’s offensive coordinator. Could it mean that Tyrod Taylor will in fact play under center for Buffalo next season?

If not, some Bills’ players seem to be okay with the thought of drafting Deshaun Watson in the first round.

What has been your favorite Buffalo Bills hiring this offseason? Leave your comments below!

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