Rex Ryan: Bills’ challenge process ‘absolutely’ let team down Sunday

Changes are coming to the Bills' replay review process.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan had a bit of trouble when it came to throwing the red challenge flag on Sunday, costing the Buffalo Bills on several occasions. Being the head coach, he obviously can't view replays himself, so he's forced to rely on another member of his staff. 

Ryan obviously wasn't happy with losing two challenges and missing on a catch that would've been overturned, and vows to make changes to the review process.

“There is a process in place,” Ryan said via Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News. “Did that process let us down yesterday? Absolutely did. It failed on a couple of occasions, obviously.

“There's something we clearly have to improve in. I thought it was going well this year, but obviously we need to find a way to get it where it's better, where something like where people at home can see something and we don't see it. To me, that can't happen. It won't happen in the future.”

Ryan missed a chance to challenge a 37-yard catch made by Jeremy Maclin that ultimately led to a Chiefs touchdown on the next play. The ball clearly wasn't caught by Maclin, but Ryan never got word to throw the flag. 

“I had no idea about the catch by Maclin — the one that was not a catch — until i came down for the press conference and you guys asked me about it,” Ryan said. “I had no idea that was even in question, so that ought to tell you that it wasn't, for whatever reason, I was not informed of that.”

Missing challenge opportunities wasn't the Bills' only problem on Sunday, but it did play a significant role. Ryan is confident that changes will fix the process, though the Bills could've used those adjustments against the Chiefs.

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