Bills legend Jim Kelly: I’m glad Tom Brady is playing vs. Buffalo

When Tom Brady's four-game suspension was lifted, the Buffalo Bills were one of the teams directly impacted due to their Week 2 matchup against the New England Patriots. Brady was expected to miss the game, which would given the Bills a much better chance of winning.

For legendary Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, Brady being on the field against Buffalo isn't a bad thing — he's actually happy about it.

“We have a very solid football team but the king is coming to town and that's the New England Patriots,” Kelly said on NFL Gameday. “In order for us to get to the top, we got to get through them, so we'll see what happens. I'm so glad that Tom Brady is going to be here because we don't want to hear no excuses when we beat the Patriots today at Orchard Park.”

Even with Brady on the field, the Patriots are in for a tough battle against the Bills on Sunday. Buffalo has already taken down one of the two teams from last year's AFC Championship game in the Colts, with the other being the Patriots.

If the Bills are able to take down the Patriots in Week 2, it will officially put Buffalo on the map as a team to watch in the AFC.


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