Ed Reed was in the middle of making turkey nachos when Rex Ryan called

It sounds like Ed Reed makes some good turkey nachos.
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Ed Reed will go down as one of the best safeties to play the game, pulling down 64 interceptions in his career — seventh-most in NFL history. As if his playing days weren’t decorated enough, he’s transitioning into becoming a coach in the league.

Last week, Reed agreed to join Rex Ryan’s coaching staff with the Buffalo Bills. He’ll be an assistant defensive backs coach in 2016, a job he didn’t expect to hold just one week ago. On Showtime’s "Inside the NFL" Wednesday, Reed shared what he was doing when Ryan gave him a call.

Via BuffaloBills.com:

“I was making some turkey nachos with my son and the phone was ringing and I saw that it was Rex Ryan,” Reed said. “And he said, ‘Eddie Reed!’ And he said, ‘How would you like to come coach?’ And I said, ‘I wouldn’t mind it coach I’ll think about that.’ We were talking some football talk and I told him I’d get back to him.”

Of course, Reed played safety under Ryan for seven seasons in Baltimore with the Ravens, so he’s familiar with the way he operates. With that said, Ryan couldn’t wait to hear back from Reed on his decision to join him in Buffalo.

“I had to talk to my son and his mother about the transition if I was going to take that job and how it would affect the family and everything,” Reed said. “So he said he’d call me on the weekend. Well, two days later — it wasn't the weekend — he called me to ask me what I was thinking.”

The biggest obstacle in coaching the Bills was convincing Reed’s son, a Patriots fan, to let his dad go to Buffalo. Ryan said "he can have all the gear he wants," and the deal was done.

It will be Reed’s first coaching gig, but given his smarts and history of playing safety, it should be a smooth transition for the future Hall of Famer.

You can watch the video of Reed on "Inside the NFL" here.