Buccaneers Play of the Year Nominee: Mike Evans One Handed Catch

The Buccaneers Mike Evans is an elite receiver, if you don’t believe so just watch this play over and over. Evans ability to make plays over defenders is definitely tops in the NFL, and this play is a nominee for play of the year.

In this prime-time game versus the Atlanta Falcons the Buccaneers were down big and needed a spark. Mike Evans was already having a big game recording two touchdowns but he made the best catch of the year late in the third quarter. While being double teamed by Robert Alford and Keanu Neal, Evans jumped twisted back and caught the ball where only he could, with ONE HAND.

Yes, many players can make catches with one hand now-a-days but can they do it while mid-air while being double teamed. Mike Evans can. Not only did Mike Evans successfully catch this ball and land in bounds, but he got rocked by one of hardest hitting safeties in the league in Keanu Neal. If he wasn’t six foot five he probably could’ve drawn a defenseless receiver penalty.

He’s kind of like the Cam Newton of receivers because he is so big and physical he’s not going to get the calls that smaller receivers would.

Head over to YouTube and watch the highlight here.

Mike Evans was the top receiver in the league on converting third downs and of course this catch was on third and ten. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth were in shock and awe about Evans athletic and agile ability to go up and get it. They said Odell Beckham would be proud but this catch could be the signature catch of Mike Evans career. Other one-handed catches should be compared to this one because of the high degree of difficulty.

Evans might not be the best receiver in the league but he is definitely in the top five and a crucial building block for the future of the Bucs franchise. This catch was already ranked best catch of the year by NFL.com so it without a doubt is the best play of the Bucs season. Evans had 1,321 yards this season but this catch was definitely the toughest 16 yards of his entire career.

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