Buccaneers Fans Get Their Wish In Yahoo! Mock Draft

In the latest mock draft from Yahoo! the Buccaneers are selecting a player that many are clamoring for in a big way.

Eric Edholm of Shutdown Corner – part of Yahoo! Sports – has released his first mock draft and his pick for the Buccaneers will have many fans dancing in the streets should it come to fruition. At the nineteenth overall pick, he had the electric Dalvin Cook slip down to Tampa Bay, giving Jameis Winston an all too familiar weapon out of the backfield. Edholm states;

“The Bucs’ offense needs explosiveness. Yes, Jameis Winston needs a No. 2 receiver, but that could come first in free agency. Cook would be a natural replacement for Doug Martin, who currently is in a drug-treatment program, in what really is a run-first system. Adding Winston’s former FSU teammate would give the offense that big-play boost. As Dirk Koetter said in his season-ending wrapup, “We need more speed — and when we say playmakers, playmakers and explosive plays are one in the same.” That’s Cook to a tee.”

Many Bucs fans – granted most of which are also Florida State fans – have been pounding the table for Cook in the draft at all costs. Now, Cook joining this team would be outstanding. He’s an every down back, a great receiver out of the backfield, has game changing ability, and can make defenders look downright stupid. However I am not in the “at all costs” camp.

The Buccaneers have far too many holes to mortgage the 2017 and likely part of the 2018 draft to move up for one guy. It’s not smart for the long term. Also something to remember is that these mock drafts are being put together based on current needs and team philosophies, not taking into account free agency.

Edholm clearly says that a number two receiver is a need but it can be addressed in free agency. If the Bucs address running back in free agency instead of receiver, taking Cook in the first round no longer makes as much sense unless the only way the position is addressed is by bringing back Jacquizz Rodgers.

Dalvin Cook at nineteen isn’t great value, it’s highway robbery. Should Tampa luck into that they need to just hand the card to Cook to run it up there himself. Trading up? Not such a good idea. It does seem like the overwhelming consensus is that Winston is going to get a new target one way or another come the first round of the draft.

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