Bryant ignores financial ramifications of acquiring Peterson

Just when you thought the Adrian Peterson to the Dallas Cowboys trade rumors had died down, TMZ caught up with Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant to find out his take on the rumors.

Bryant told TMZ reporters that he thinks it would be something "very special" if AP somehow signed with the Dallas Cowboys. 

Although Bryant gets excited just thinking about the possibility, he won't get his hopes up.

"The Vikings not lettin' that happen, 'cause if they did … the league would know what would happen."

One key component that Bryant did not acknowledge was how this would affect the Cowboys from a salary cap standpoint. If the team were to acquire Peterson, they would likely need to offer him a new contract with more guaranteed money up front. The Cowboys have the 2015 cap space to do it, after restructuring Tony Romo's contract, but taking on Peterson's cost would cause a financial burden this season and into the future.

As Bryant angles for a new contract himself, he should be careful what he wishes for. If the Cowboys stay away from Peterson, they are more likely to allocate remaining finances to a long-term contract with Bryant instead.

(h/t TMZ)

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports