Browns will have a tough time trying to trade Joe Haden

With the trade deadline on Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns may still be trying to trade Joe Haden. But after another poor performance, his value is too low right now.

It is a rare occurrence to talk about the NFL trade deadline, but an 0-8 start by the Cleveland Browns in the midst of a rebuilding year means the trade talks are heating up.

The trade deadline is a day away, and the Browns still have a few players who could draw interest around the league. Hue Jackson has already made it clear that Joe Thomas isn’t going anywhere, but Joe Haden is a player who could potentially be moved before tomorrow.

We published an article last week on how Haden’s contract and health issues may prevent him from being traded, but the Browns could still move him if they want to accept a low-round draft pick in exchange. Because as of right now, Haden is not going to bring anything higher than a third-round pick in return, and that is being generous.

Haden has been a member of the Browns since the team drafted him in 2010, but he has been unable to stay healthy as the team’s top corner since a Pro Bowl season in 2014. While his value has plummeted as the top option in Cleveland, another team may be willing to part with a draft pick in order to take a chance on Haden as a second-option at the cornerback position.

But him leaving Cleveland will only happen if the team is willing to trade a team captain in exchange for a third or fourth-round pick. If a first or second-round pick could be gained, it would be an easy decision. But asking for that kind of value now would just lead to laughter on the other end of the phone.

At this point, it almost makes more sense just to keep Haden to maintain some sense of stability on defense. He is not the same player he was even two years ago, but trading him away would all but doom the defense over the next eight weeks. This team is just trying to win a single game right now, and that may be impossible if the defense loses one of its leaders.

And when his massive contract comes into play, the Browns may as well keep Haden in town when the return will be so minimal, as teams will not want to give up so much when Haden becomes a major investment and liability because of his health problems.

It is unfortunate that a fan favorite is now a trade commodity, but it is unlikely Haden will leave town in 2016. The reasons why may be frustrating to fans, but perhaps he can turn it around over the final eight weeks of the season. If he can’t, his value may be too low for any sort of trade in the offseason.

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