Josh McCown’s daughter and her friends sum up his strange NFL career in one photo

The life of an NFL journeyman QB is one of uncertainty, change and urgency. Each season potentially brings a new job, be it as a starter or backup, in a new location with new teammates — and, of course, a new jersey.

On the bright side, if you keep all of your various game day uniforms, you can put together a pretty cool picture. Just ask Cleveland’s Josh McCown, whose daughter’s school recently hosted a day where the kids were able to wear their favorite jerseys. And no one looked more authentic than McCown’s daughter and her friends, who summed up the Browns QB’s long, strange career in one photo.

But wait, what’s that on the left edge of the photo? ENHANCE:

Yeah, that seems about right — what looks like a very confused teenager wondering why there’s an army of McCowns in front of him. Let’s explain for that poor fellow’s sake.

In the back row, from left to right, we have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014, 11 starts, 1-10 record); Miami Dolphins (signed for the 2009 preseason then traded to the Panthers); Oakland Raiders (2007, nine starts, 2-7 record); Detroit Lions (2006, zero starts, zero passes thrown in two games); and the Chicago Bears (from 2011, when McCown wore No. 15 — two starts, 1-1 record).

Up front is one of McCown’s current Cleveland Browns jerseys (2015-16, nine starts, 1-8 record so far); and last but not least, his most recent Bears number (2012-13, five starts, 3-2 record).

The two teams not included in the picture are the Arizona Cardinals (2002-2005, 22 starts, 10-12 record), who drafted McCown, and the Carolina Panthers (2008-09, zero starts, 1-for-6 passing).

Oh, and there’s no representation for the Hartford Colonials, the UFL team for which McCown played in 2010. If McCown does still have his jersey from his sojourn outside of the NFL, though, it might make a great #TBT photo someday.