Browns’ Little in trouble with law

Browns wide receiver Greg Little’s driving has him in legal

trouble again.

Little was given three traffic violations after being stopped at

1 a.m. Monday, Cleveland police said. Little, who recently settled

a ticket for driving with an expired license plate and was ticketed

for speeding, was cited for a stop-sign violation, change of course

and driving with a suspended license, Sgt. Sammy Moore said.

Little’s car was towed.

In April, Little was involved in a single-car accident. He

admitted to driving 127 mph, hit a guardrail, knocked down a light

pole and left 40 yards of brake tracks. He was fined $350.

Last month, Little was cited for driving 81 mph in a 60 mph


Little had four catches for 33 yards in the Browns’ 14-6 loss to

the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.