Browns first-round pick had an awkward first encounter with Joe Thomas

The Cleveland Browns welcomed their 10 draft picks to the team Thursday night by hosting a rookie dinner. It wasn’t all rookies at the event, as the team asked 10-time Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas – the longest-tenured Brown – to attend.

Tight end David Njoku, one of Cleveland’s three first-round picks, probably wishes his first meeting with Thomas went a little bit differently because it was definitely awkward. He thought Thomas was a coach, which I guess is an honest mistake.

But really? He thought this guy was a coach?!

Thomas (kind of) went along with it, telling Njoku that he’s a player/coach who takes the field on Sundays.

Njoku could only laugh at himself.

Thomas and Njoku will get to know each other fairly well when the rookie is on the line blocking this season.