Browns fans getting tired of worn out storylines

The Cleveland Browns lose week in and week out. Browns fans are used to it but are really getting tired of the same boring storylines.

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I enjoy watching the games (don’t laugh). I had the pleasure of attending the home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Beyond that experience, my viewing of the Browns is largely restricted to television.

As we all know, the announcers of these television games feel the need to inform fans about the current happenings and controversies surrounding the teams being televised. Normally these stories are interesting and insightful but mainly old news to the hardcore fan.

It has come to a point in my life where I am sick and tired of the same four or five story lines highlighted every single game. It is like clockwork. The first quarter will discuss the Browns’ quarterbacking issues. The second quarter finds Terrelle Pryor’s amazing battle to switch positions as the topic of conversation. By then the game is out of reach and fans must endure all the issues with the Browns’ failing defense.

Just because I am sick of it all, I will highlight the top four most annoying storylines during Browns games. My hope is that someone will read this and decide it might be worth their time to do their homework or be just a little creative and finally talk about something different. One can dream . . .

Nov 6, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Cody Kessler (6) throws a pass during the first quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Browns have used 26 quarterbacks

Yes! We get it! The Browns have used 26 different quarterbacks since 1999. Yet, every week some pre-programed sap must broadcast, including neat and nifty graphics, each and every single quarterback to have even started for the Browns since 1999.

Yes, we get it! The Browns have not been able to figure out the quarterback position. Announcers drone on how the Browns could have drafted the opposing team’s quarterback who has done so well for them. The Browns must be clearly incompetent because they seemed to have failed in every draft to pick a quarterback.

Never mind the fact that Cody Kessler is probably outplaying the opposing quarterback as the announcer is speaking. Never mind that Kessler probably has a higher completion percentage, accuracy and accuracy under pressure than the opposing quarterback.

No, don’t mention that. Just drone on about the Browns failure to draft a competent quarterback. If there is a Browns fan or even an NFL fan period who has yet to hear about the Browns’ quarterback issues, then where have they been since 1999?

The story line is worn out, move on people.

Nov 6, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor (11) throws a pass prior to the game against the Dallas Cowboys at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor has transitioned to WR

Don’t get me wrong, Terrelle Pryor is a great story. He was once a quarterback who has transitioned to an entirely different position in the NFL.

Yes, it is amazingly hard. Terrelle Pryor is a freak athlete who is big, fast and strong. Did anyone ever think that because he is big, fast and strong is why he was able to transition to wide receiver?

But must announcers drone on about Terrelle Pryor with their neat graphics about how he was a starting NFL quarterback for Hue Jackson in Oakland. Or about how Pryor showed a great deal of humility to admit he cannot play quarterback in the league so he worked super hard to become a wide receiver. Yes, he has done a fantastic job.

He still needs to improve at wide receiver. He is far from a finished product. Has he made an amazing transformation? Absolutely.

Am I sick of hearing about it? I am beyond sick of hearing the same story every week for two and a half months.

Oct 30, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown (13) throws a pass during the first quarter against the New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns have used six different quarterbacks this year

Beyond hearing about the 26 different starting quarterbacks, now Browns fans get to hear about how the Browns have used six different quarterbacks this season.The line is to try to further hammer home the point that the Browns have quarterback problems.

Yes, Robert Griffin III was hurt in Week 1. It was not the offensive line’s fault. It was a freak injury. It happens. But it seems to happen to Griffin a lot.

Josh McCown broke his collarbone. Yes, he got pummeled play in and play out against the Ravens in the home opener. He was unable to play for almost a month and a half.

Terrelle Pryor played quarterback. He was an NFL quarterback before his amazing, overplayed storyline of his transformation into a receiver. He played either quarterback or in the Wildcat depending on whether the announcer is trying to pump up Hue Jackson’s brilliant offensive mind (Wildcat) or if the announcer needs to emphasize the Browns inept history at finding a quarterback (quarterback).

Kevin Hogan came in mainly to play the “Wildcat” or “quarterback” position, depending on what one is trying to emphasize.

Charlie Whitehurst game into the game for a brief period only to get himself hurt then cut with an injury settlement.

Yes, the Browns have used six different quarterbacks. Some were actually used as a part of a sub-package within the offense. Not all six were used due to incompetence of the offensive line or the inability to solve the quarterback position.

Nov 6, 2016; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) throws a pass against the New York Giants during the second quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns missed in the draft

The latest asinine trend is for announcers to point out that the Browns failed to draft the opposing teams’ super rookie.

At first, before the Eagles took a downturn, it was Carson Wentz and the Wentz wagon (which seems to have hit a ditch). How many weeks did Browns fans have to endure how the almighty and super quarterback Carson Wentz was there for the taking and the incompetent Browns passed on him?

Or like this past week, the Browns passed on Dak Prescott five times (or some other nonsense) in favor of Cody Kessler. Or, the Browns passed on Ezekiel Elliot. Browns fans must be imagining what their running game could be if he were in the backfield. Hello! The Browns don’t run the ball because the defense is terrible.

Yes, the Browns didn’t draft any rookie that is currently playing on the other team. We get it.

But did you notice that the Browns did draft Corey Coleman, Emmanuel Ogbah, Carl Nassib, and Cody Kessler? All of these players are contributing on the team. Three of those players were up for the Rookie of the Week honors.

But nobody mentions that on the television broadcast.

I understand that the national narrative is that the Browns stink. I get that every broadcast has to reinforce that idea to fans. But maybe if they looked a little deeper into the subject matter, they might find there are a lot of interesting and positive things going on for the Browns.

Or maybe they are all like Harry Doyle who said, “Don’t worry, nobody’s listening anyway.”

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