Tom Brady’s jersey thief may have stolen Von Miller’s Super Bowl 50 gear

Tom Brady went nearly two months without knowing where his Super Bowl LI jersey was, but that mystery is on the brink of being solved. FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer reported Monday that the jersey has been located after it was taken by a member of the international media.

Not only did the FBI and NFL find Brady’s jersey from this past Super Bowl, but they also found the one he wore two years ago against the Seahawks. And, wait, there’s more.

On Monday’s episode of “Undisputed,” Glazer also reported that sources have told him the same person may have taken some of Broncos pass rusher Von Miller’s Super Bowl 50 belongings.

“This same culprit may be responsible for taking Von Miller’s helmet and/or cleats from last year’s Super Bowl, as well. From what I know, it’s not just Brady’s jerseys,” Glazer said.

Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey was valued at $500,000 when it was stolen. He made mention after this year’s game that his jersey from two years ago was also missing, but it didn’t get nearly as much attention.

With Miller’s gear also stolen, that makes three years in a row that Super Bowl equipment was lifted after the game.